BoardBookit Review

Recently, BoardBookit was positioned #1, 311 to the 2020 Incorporation. 5000 list, a sign of its developing popularity. Founded by Jeanette Thomas and Marion Lewis, the company contains experienced 340% growth during the past three years. BoardBookit serves a variety of industries including healthcare/pharma, degree, developing, and finance. It received a significant community investment coming from Growth Highway Partners in late 2020. Its low cost and flexibility make this ideal for small-to-midsize arts institutions.

In addition to facilitating conversation, BoardBookit also helps digital autographs, so agreed upon documents may be uploaded without the extra ideas. Moreover, BoardBookit’s user-friendly user interface offers multiple presentation methods, customizable fields, and off-line access to info. The software automatically syncs off-line actions if the internet is usually turned on. The app also supports cell applications for just about any operating system, and users can manage paperwork with ease. The mobile app with regards to BoardBookit is actually a powerful and easy-to-use tool for assisting collaboration and communication between board members.

The BoardBookit software will also help organizations with conformity policies through the elimination of the need to hire multiple staff for board-related tasks. This kind of saves money on creating, mailing, and also other board-related expenses. The software is usually secure and uses industry-grade security features. It is optimized for mobile phone use and can be used through tablets and cell phones. Further, it is compatible with Android and iOS networks, making it accessible for a wide variety of devices.

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